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Startup Camel plunges into Israeli innovation and culture by interviewing some of the brightest minds in the startup world. Adir Freilich meets with the Founders of some of the coolest startups coming out of the Startup Nation.

Every guest dives into their unique experiences and offers new insights into how they are growing their companies. Successes and failures are shared and discussed to offer listeners the best advice for becoming an entrepreneur. From raising capital to surviving all-nighters, our guests have done it all.

Startup Camel posts new episodes weekly and will share informative and entertaining stories from different people reaching for the same goal – running their dream company.

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Adir Freilich

Host & Producer

A marketing and networking guru has taken the reigns to bring back the greatest podcast ever created! Born and raised in The Big Apple and a lucky survivor of the Miracle on the Hudson. Adir is incredibly engaging, making him the perfect host as he interviews all the amazing founders.

Adir can be reached at and he’d love to hear from you with questions and ideas about past, present and future episodes!

Moshe Willinger

Sound Engineer & Business Development

Startup Camel’s business development and sound specialist. When he’s not editing out all the ums and making us all sound so perfect, he’s looking for another interesting company to interview. Without his crazy editing skills there would be no podcast!

Moshe can be reached at Reach out for some techie talk and shmoozing about Camel sounds.

Eyal Gantz

Web Developer

Startup Camel’s super tech guy, the guy behind the code that makes it all work for us properly. Also a Marketing ninja. Specializing in last second deadlines, if you are lucky enough to watch him work you will be entertained at the speed at which he types making everything look easy!

Eyal can be reached at

James Spiro

Content Writer

Startup Camel’s content writer, overseeing all the written communication and its distribution. Originally with a background in Broadcast Journalism, James now works in Public Relations where he represents some of Israel’s biggest startups.

James can be reached at where you can contact him to share some thoughts and ideas about the Israeli Startup world.

Mike Waxman

Director of Finance & Business Development

Startup Camel’s financial wizard and developer of all things business. An extraordinarily friendly fellow, Waxman hails from NY and spent many years living in Japan. He has recently made the move to Tel Aviv, and while his Hebrew currently sucks, his Japanese is still flawless.

Mike can be reached at Feel free to reach out to him for all things relating to Camels!

Natasha Cohen

Event Director & Community Manager

A talented operations consultant, Natasha has joined the Camel to lead in creating and producing our events in order to unite the Startup Nation! Hailing from London Town, Natasha is ecstatic about creating a community for startups helping startups!

Natasha can be reached at Reach out to her if you are a young startup looking to integrate or get support from the Camel.

Mordechai Fleising

“The Camel’s Take” Content Producer

A lover of creating positive change in the world, author of Mystically Grounded, and an aspiring entrepreneur, has joined the camel in creating relevant content about the unique startups we interview for the podcasts.

Mordechai can be reached at

Idan Hershko

Original Startup Camel Founder

Founded Startup Camel in order to integrate into the Israeli startup eco-system. After only a few interviews, DaPulse needed him to join their team and he helped them grow to over $120 million valuation in 3 years. Now he’s launched his own startup but remains an integral part of the Camel as an advisor.

Oren Knaan

Original Startup Camel Founder

One of the original Startup Camel founders, a professional game producer, Oren helps out on the tech side of things as well as staying on as an advisor for the Camel.

Itamar Zur

Original Startup Camel Founder

One of the original Startup Camel founders, Itamar just finished up his MBA at Harvard University and has launched his own startup called Veho-Technologies, a transportation technology company, looking to close the gap of last mile delivery.

Eldad Ohana

Original Startup Camel Founder

One of the original Startup Camel founders, a mobile and web developer.

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