Fetchy developed an end-to-end automated shipping solution that seamlessly integrates to SMB’s online stores. Taking care of all logistics and paperwork while making sure the end users gets their packages on time.
With a unique operational infrastructure we partner with fulfillment warehouses leveraging their buying power to supply the merchant the lowest prices. We reduce market prices by at least 50%.


Specializing in business development and project management. Gilad has surrounded himself by pros to become an accomplished entrepreneur. A sports enthusiast.


Kill Your Dreams

Let’s face it, in life you don’t always need dreams. There is a lot of talk in the startup world as a business being called the founders baby. It’s just not their baby.

Interacting with Gilad Salinger from Fetchy was quite a perspective changer for us. Who cares about dreams, instead focus on goals. Don’t over identify with your “baby”, because anything can happen, changes in the market, and what customers’ needs are. Once we are focused on our goals, we need to push forward like crazy, and at the exact same time take it easy and reflect on the simplicity of life.

Gilad doesn’t refer to this as spirituality but as a simple perspective switch. His advice for the world, go out into nature, chill out.

We believe that it’s important to dream, that we need to stretch our limitations we put on our own realities. Once our dreams take some sort of form in the physical plane, then we need to apply whatever was tangible enough to grasp it, ground it, and turn it into a goal. Be focused on the goal and create strategy in line with it. Even if you’ve killed your dreams time and time again, they will always manage to come back to you.

Life is truly an incredible journey if we are open enough to let it show us that. Get in touch with your true place in the big picture of things, with all your strengths, qualities, history, dreams and go for a goal.

By Mordechai Fleising

Innovation Enthusiast