The future of digital communications with customers is already here! Seegnature offers a next-generation customer engagement platform that suits customer self-service scenarios as well as real-time collaboration with an agent. Bypassing the constraints of in-person or remote transactions, Seegnature empowers consumer-facing enterprises to close transactions instantly from a distance through easy collaboration with clients in real time before closing a transaction. This increases closing ratios, reduces process time, increases customer satisfaction, and eliminates the need for an in-person encounter. Less than 1 year since it’s launch, Seegnature has already raised more than $1.8 million to date and is working with giant global companies such as: PWC, Citi, Daimler, Coca-Cola, Axa & Groupon. With momentum on its’ side and after winning several Fin-tech & Insur-tech competitions, Seegnature now aims to go global and focus on the U.S. Financial Services industry.


Yair is a driven multidisciplinary manager with a proven track record of 10+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical, financial & legal fields. Prior to Seegnature, Yair worked at the pharmaceutical Giant, Eli Lilly, performing several managerial roles: Brand Manager, Sales Manager and E-Channels Manager. Prior to that, he gained finance and legal experience in his roles as assistant to the CEO & legal counsel of a large investment house as well as a junior associate in a leading commercial law firm. Yair holds an MBA from Insead Business School, a bachelor’s degree in law (L.L.M) (Certified lawyer) and a bachelor’s degree in Business Management (B.A.) majoring in Finance at the IDC. 


A New Page for a Fresh Age

It’s being said that, due to all the technological advances, an average person’s attention span has dwindled to below the level of a goldfish. Sounds terrible, doesn’t it? I, for one, am willing to see the change in a positive light. How many processes are cluttered with unnecessary redundancy that mean absolutely nothing to us? Not only that, in regards to closing deals with clients, companies still struggle with losing clients in the process or losing precious time and resources while waiting for the other party to fill out the relevant paperwork, sign and finalize.

In general, the process of closing a transaction with clients still has so many drawbacks that both big business and consumers deal with, especially when there is paperwork involved. Companies today are willing to do everything through the cloud but for most deals, the lack of continuity in the process when conducting these complex transactions from a distance, still lead to many problems, which turn into dollars and sense.

Yair at Seegnature has put his patience on the side and is taking on the challenge of speeding up the deal process. Seegnature is introducing many super helpful technologies with their fully online service. All you need to do is click a link which gives you access to a livestream with the company’s agent, without any downloads. Both parties can fill out the paperwork together, digitally sign it, exchange forms, record the session and even see each other. The transaction can be conducted, either with both parties present, or can be left for one party to conduct later on his own. There are also special features which prevent litigations and fraud; identity verification and recording the deal on audio and video. Using machine learning they smooth up the process of identity verification and auto filling the forms.

It’s true, our generation just doesn’t have the patience. We want the solutions now and are not waiting around for someone else to do it. Yair and his team leapt into action on this gigantic pain point we are not yet free of. Hopefully, in near time, Seegnature’s product will also be available for personal use such as purchase and rental agreements. With a focus on the future and a reality that can be made much simpler and more profitable through innovation, we expect to see Seegnature become an industry standard.


By Mordechai Fleising
Innovation Enthusiast