Intezer is replicating the concepts of the biological immune system into cyber security, offering enterprises unparalleled threat detection and accelerated incident response. Intezer was founded by experienced cyber security professionals, including the founder of CyberArk and the former head of IDF Incident Response Team.


Itai Tevet possesses a powerful combination of in-depth technical expertise and leadership experience in mitigating state-level cyber threats. He previously served as the head of IDF CIRT, the Israeli Defense Force’s Cyber Incident Response Team, where he led an elite group of cyber security professionals in digital forensics, malware analysis, incident response and reverse engineering.


Good Thinking, Go To The Source

For most people today, myself included, cyber-security is basically magic. Big companies must hire Witches and Wizards to ward off evil spirits with spells and magic wands. Ascetics who dedicate their entire lives to the realm of the unknown, which lies just beneath the surface of our revealed and ever so happy reality.

Contrary to my perspective of things, Intezer and their team are more likened to a group of sophisticated cyber-biologists. Intezer is looking much more logically and intuitively at the cyber realm. Standard detection practice focuses on looking for unusual activity in the system during odd hours. This approach is quite ineffective in catching a threat, if it were to enter during working hours of the company. Intezer logically peels away at code like a page of the Talmud, identifying and understanding code that is “kosher” and code that is malicious.

Their notion is that no program just springs up from out of nowhere. Every program piggybacks on previous coding, which in turn saves years of work in getting a new program up and running. Intezer is focused on identifying the source of the code, showing the progression and the added code being used. This form of detection is not hit or miss, it’s actually capable of instantly recognizing a new code; code that has not yet been seen and doesn’t follow the same form as other recognized patterns.

The cyber world has become the most important asset needing security. Nations are investing an incredible amount of resources into this new frontier of warfare as nation-sponsored attacks are a very serious and potentially crippling threat. According to Info Security magazine, from 2015 to 2020 the estimated worth of the cybersecurity market is expected to rise from $75 billion to $170 billion.

This year alone, the ransomware attacks are estimated to cause a 4 billion dollar loss. While the actual amount of money paid out to cybercriminals is relatively small, the real financial loss is in the data recovery, lost productivity, and forensic investigations of their systems. These serious problems demand the best and most advanced solutions.     

So what is the answer?

Intezer, established a mere year and a half ago, is fresh, young, wise, and capable of handling future attacks from enemies worldwide. Looking forward, they plan on developing their brilliant products to not only identify, but also disarm and protect from active threats. While it is just the beginning for them, Intezer is clearly well positioned to capture market share of the projected $170 billion to be spent in 2020.

Startups span a broad array of initiatives, some being integral while others simply make life that much easier and more enjoyable. It is such a pleasure to hear from the team at Intezer and Itai, the CEO, just how their breakthrough is able to change the way their industry functions. There sure is a lot to do, but as long as we have the ability to create and flexibly adapt, we will see our lives enriched and enhanced in the face of coming challenges.

By Mordechai Fleising
Innovation Enthusiast