Farm Dog has developed a comprehensive, standardized system for pest and disease management that includes an in-field workflow tool and web dashboard supported by data analytics. Farm Dog’s app enables users to track pests, diseases, weeds, trap counts, and other findings. It provides geo-reference and photograph findings; keeps track of field visits and sets reminders for special checkups; reminds farmers to return to past hotspots and visit neglected areas; and sends external reports from the field.


Michael Hermon is the co-founder and Chief of Product at Farm Dog. After serving in the satellite technology unit of the Israeli Intelligence, Michael studied mathematics, philosophy and economics at Tel Aviv University. Since his graduation, he has started four companies as well as held a product manager role at Wix.


Just Pivot

Here’s an example of a startup taking big challenges head on and solving global issues. Big business is learning just how important a journey lead idea can have in their growth.

Farm Dog didn’t start as the industry leading experts in crop management, or even any experience with tracking pests and disease firsthand. These guys saw an opportunity and went for it. They started out with a passion for drones and in turn, found themselves doing something quite different. By listening to the needs of their audience they were able to pivot to a much more feasible and practical solution.

Michael lives by his journey lead idea and it has brought him to positioning Farm Dog to working in partnership with John Deere and the USDA. It’s obvious that Farm Dog is bringing them innovation that they are not capable of achieving fast enough internally.

Before Farm Dog came on the scene scouting would look something like writing down some notes on a piece of paper. Now with the scouting technology, the farmer has much more info and crop forecasting in real time than ever before imagined.

The problems farmers face are the regular losses due to pests and disease. In worst cases, it can take out almost the entire yield, but regularly it is inevitably expected to see an average 30% loss. This is Farm Dog’s goal, to get farming worldwide even more efficient. They are bent on having a more precise use of resources, using pesticide when needed and having a better imprint on the environment.

We at Startup Camel are fanning the flames of the bonfire of innovation, we no longer want to see the world remain as it was problems included. Every new tool brought to the world allows us to think creatively and innovate accordingly. Of course, not every person will solve the 30% average loss of produce but the community and mindset of leaping into a journey of change will surely accomplish way more than that.

By Mordechai Fleising
Innovation Enthusiast