Dec 272013
EP 6: Jonathan Caras / Glide

Jonathan Caras from Glide takes multimedia messaging to the next level. The Glide application lets you record video messages are streamed from the moment you begin recording, meaning that your friends can choose wether to watch a recorded message or to watch you live as you record. READ MORE

Nov 212013
EP 3: Eran Ben Shushan / Bizzabo

Anyone knows that mingling is a key part of business social events and conventions and for a good reason too, but approaching that large hall full of anonymous people make us feel disoriented, and finding the right person in the crowd often becomes a frustrating chore.
Well, these days are OVER… READ MORE

Oct 262013
EP 1: Lev Kerzhner / My Green Buddy

My Green Buddy is the way Lev Kerzhner and co-founders wants to change the world of home gardening. Their mission – to create an ultra accurate way to grow your plant without killing it. They do this via using information from the surroundings of the plant, information they receive from the app they developed. The idea is simple – you use the app… READ MORE

Oct 202013
Startup Camel – Podcast as a Startup

Hi Everyone, This is the first post on this blog, and it’s all about the making of Startup Camel. We have decided to manage this podcast as a start up company, and the best part of it is that we’re going to share the entire process with you through this blog. We have a couple of more »

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