Mar 222014
EP 18: Yaniv Vardi / Panoramic Power

Yaniv is the CEO of Panoramic Power – which is trying to change the world of energy consumption data.
They provide device level energy management, or if you want to put it in simpler words, they bring data about energy consumption directly from the appliances, making it easier for their customers to make educated decisions regarding the way they manage their energy consumption.

Mar 152014
EP 17: Gil Blumenfeld / Zazoo

Gil Blumenfeld is a co-founder and the CEO at Zazoo – a technology that enhances the experience of watching music video clips online. This is done by overlaying a contextual content layer above the video, such as the song’s lyrics, a direct way to purchase show tickets, information about the artist and so on.

Mar 082014
EP 16: Uri Marchand / Overwolf

Overwolf are also providing a platform for people who wants to build applications to help gamers interact with the world while they are playing computer games. With Overwolf, gamers can easily do this, by simply using one of the apps that different developers built using the Overwolf platform.

Feb 262014
EP 15: Joey Simhon / Everything.Me

Joey Simhon and built a launcher for Android devices with contextual capabilities. It learns your tendencies, predicts your upcoming needs and arranges itself accordingly, so each time you use your phone you get a new personally customized experience. Quite magical.

Feb 222014
EP 14: Yuval Brener / Carambola

Yuval Brener, co-founder and CEO at Carambola, set out to change the way we all experience video clips. Carambola developed a layer of interactive content that overlays the video clip, through which they’re able to deliver a multitude of data and experiences, such as recipes, lyrics, purchase information and many other kinds of promotions.

Feb 142014
EP 13: Omri Morgenshtern / Qlika

Omri Morgenshtern is transforming the world of online marketing, as we know it! Together with his two partners, all graduates of the Israeli Army’s top technology unit, they founded Qlika – an automated marketing management platform that aspires to do for online-marketing what Google did to search.

Feb 052014
EP 12: Zahi Boussiba / Appsee

While developing an analysis tool for their social shopping application, Zahi and his team found that they were much more excited about developing the analysis tool than the app itself. This is how they came up with Appsee(formerly known as UserVOD) – an app that helps developers learn about their users and cater to their needs better.

Jan 232014
EP 10: Olivier Amar / MyPermissions

Can you remember all the apps that you have ever installed on your mobile? Or maybe just the ones that you have used on Facebook?
Surprise! You have (at least) dozens of installed applications, and they all possess access to your personal information. Creepy, isn’t it?
That’s exactly what MyPermissions set out to solve. READ MORE

Jan 182014
EP 9: Yaacov M. Martin / Jifiti

One thing we can take with us from the interview with Yaacov M. Martin is how important it is to be willing to learn from everyone. This man seems to be very aware of his surroundings and feels very comfortable about being influenced by it – starting with… READ MORE


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