May 122014
EP 28: Or Offer / SimilarWeb

About seven years ago, Or Offer, back then the owner of an online jewelry business, had a meeting with a partner from the US which changed his life. He was asked about one of his competitors, which was gaining a lot of reputation in the US market. Much to the surprise of the partner… READ MORE

May 122014
EP 27: Dr. Rami Cohen / Telesofia

This story is about perseverance and the determination of one man to turn his ideas into a reality. In 2004, Rami Cohen, a physician and one of the first employees of Mirabilis (commonly known as ICQ) noticed the alarming problem of non-adherence in the world of… READ MORE

May 122014
EP 26: Kobi Stok / JamStar

Kobi Stock is a rocker, a father, and the founder and CEO of Livetune – the company behind JamStar. While playing Guitar Hero with his friends, Kobi made a decision that changed his life. Playing a real guitar could be much more satisfying, he thought, than this plastic guitar… READ MORE

May 022014
EP 24: Moti Cohen / Qmerce

Moti is an entrepreneur from an early age. He started his first venture when he was only 16 years old, by forming a “comedy club” in his hometown in Israel.
As many other Israeli entrepreneurs, he gained a lot of his skills while he was serving in the Israeli intelligence core. Later, he developed… READ MORE

Apr 242014
EP 23: Daniel Sarfati / Applango

Daniel Tsarfati wanted to build a startup company, so he started by interviewing friends and professionals from different industries looking for a problem needed to be solved. Soon enough, he came across a friend who told him that he does not have any way to measure… READ MORE

Apr 162014
EP 22: Boaz Zilberman / Project RAY

Boaz Zilberman, one of the pioneers of voice over IP technology in Israel, decided to bring smartphones to the fingertips of a new target audience – the visually impaired.
He has opened the gates to a plethora of opportunities by catering to blind people. READ MORE

Apr 112014
EP 21: Offir Gutelzon / Keepy

Offir Gutelzon is one of the founders of the Israeli startup Pic Scout, which was acquired by the stock photography giant – Getty images.
After the exit, Offir moved to New York city to take up an executive job at Getty Image. Not too long after, did the entrepreneurial bug bite him again to spearhead a new, exciting project – Keepy. READ MORE

Apr 062014
EP 20: Dr. Shani Keysar / Sol Chip

The journey of Dr. Shani Keysar, founder and CEO of Sol Chip, started unexpectedly several years ago.
Shani, who was then working in the chip industry, had for some time the desire to promote the usage of solar energy in Israel. One day, while driving one of her daughters home, her daughter asked her… READ MORE


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