Aug 232014
EP 37: Boaz Hecht / SkyGiraffe

SkyGiraffe is a b2b product which gives employees a comfortable UI to help them manage their work in a faster and more comfortable way. It bypasses multiple legacy management systems that can be found in many large organizations (as SAP, ORACLE, and so on), and controls selected… READ MORE

Jul 042014
EP 33: Rooly Eliezerov / Gigya

Rooly Eliezerov Gave up 5 years of architectural education to join a startup Called “Hotbar”, which was a small startup back in 1999. He said that this was not a difficult decision for him, since in his core he found himself helplessly drawn to a new world that… READ MORE

Jun 102014

Have you got the skills? Now put them to the test! AngelHack’s new hackathon competition, The Whole Developer, will take place in 30 cities around the world and focuses on soft skills for developers, designers and entrepreneurs, guiding them towards better overall business acumen and an improved lifestyle. Get ready to compete in the most more »

Jun 042014
EP 30: Saul Singer / Startup Nation (special)

In 2009, Saul Singer wrote, along with Dan Senor, a book that tells the story of the transformation of Israel from being a nation that struggles to survive with very limited economic growth engines, into a global innovation center – second only to the Silicon Valley. In the book… READ MORE

Jun 042014
EP 29: Omri Allouche / Otonomic

Several years ago, enthusiastic Omri Allouche was contemplating about how he can turn ideas that he had in mind into businesses. Meanwhile, he noticed that his cousin started occasionally posting on Facebook pictures of good looking marzipan cakes she was making… READ MORE


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