Nov 092014
EP 48: Guy Boyangu / SiSense

The field of Business Intelligence is all about making data driven decisions. But how do you tell the difference between big data and a big pile of data? In this episode of Startup Camel we are joined by Guy Boyango, Co Founder and Chief Architect of Sisense, “The… READ MORE

Nov 012014
EP 47: Lior Sion / Bringg

Bringg is an Israeli startup, which sets to revolutionize the way we get service from companies. It’s also a great example of how entrepreneurship is a perpetual process of evolution, where everybody can learn from everybody. Back in 2010, Uber made a huge impact… READ MORE

Oct 172014
EP 45: Itai Tsiddon / Lightricks

It is often said that only 1 in a 100 startup companies hits the profit line. Roughly one in a thousand makes the headlines with a major success story, typically after spending years on the startup rollercoaster with several loops and turnarounds on the way. And while one could… READ MORE

Oct 052014
EP 43: Ori Lahav / OutBrain

there is one thing you simply cannot miss about Ori Lahav, aside from his dominant physical presence (“I’m a big guy” he admits with a smile), it is his affection for lighthouses. “A lighthouse is a central theme in Outbrain” he explains, sitting in front of a long picture of a lighthouse that…READ MORE

Sep 212014
EP 41: Idan Hershko / Startup Camel (special)

In this episode, Itamar Zur and Lev Kerzner are interviewing Idan Hershko! Idan is a co-founder @ Startup Camel and up until now was our only interviewer. This is the Lev and Itamar’s first interview at Startup Camel – hopefully the first of many others to come…READ MORE

Sep 132014
EP 40: Orit Mossinson / GetYou

Orit Mossinson is the founder of Get You with one thing on her mind – to challenge the leading social networks. The Idea came to her mind while she was watching a show called “The Blue Man Group” in London, and her friends urged her to go on the stage with lots of other fans. Since she… READ MORE

Aug 302014
EP 38: Adi Shemesh / Trench

Adi Shemesh, Founder and CEO of the company, got the idea out of a personal necessity. As a “Fashionista” herself, she was always on the look out for new cool outfits and accessories. Materializing this desire involved loosening her purse strings on a regular basis. After using… READ MORE


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