Jan 112015
EP 57: Oz Alon / HoneyBook & Gil Ben-Artzi / UpWest Labs

What if you could plan your entire wedding – from dealing with suppliers to choosing the right catering to inviting guests and sending ‘thank you’ notes – all in one place, over the Web, without even needing to get up from your living-room cozy couch?
Well, now you can. Israeli startup HoneyBook provides the ultimate event organizing experience, online. Be it weddings, birthdays, social gatherings or even corporate events… READ MORE

Dec 272014
EP 55: Motti Nisani / emaze

In one the most famous TV commercial ever broadcasted – “1984” – Apple Computer laid the ground for the disruption of IBM’s domination over the personal computer market, with the introduction of the Macintosh. Apple was then a relatively new company, and the move against… READ MORE

Dec 132014
EP 53: Ben Rubin / Air (Yevvo)

The idea of Yevvo (recently rebranded as ‘Air’) was born in 2011 when co-founder and CEO Ben Rubin – then a 3rd year architecture student – began sensing an increasing demand for photo sharing apps on mobile: “By that time, Instagram was beginning to… READ MORE

Nov 282014
EP 51: Kira Radinsky / SalesPredict

Think that future prediction is a field taken from science fiction? Well, it is time to challenge your thinking!
For Dr. Kira Radinsky – a co-founder and the ‘brain’ behind Israeli startup, the future can well be predicted, if you only look for answers… READ MORE

Nov 222014
EP 50: Assaf Harel / Jovie

If you have watched Israeli television anywhere in the past 10 years, the name Assaf Harel most probably rings a big bell. One of most acclaimed screenwriters, directors and actors in Israeli television, Harel is most known for his series “Mesudarim”.… READ MORE


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