Jun 012015
76: How Hola went from 80 daily users to 40,000 overnight with zero marketing (Feat. Ofer Vilenski, CEO of Hola)

In this episode
•Why you don’t have to spend a dime on marketing
•The best way to know a if candidate is right for your startup
•How to manage employees without meetings

May 182015
74: Nailing Product-Market Fit and ACTUALLY Getting Things Done (Feat. Yotam Cohen, Wibbitz)

In this episode
•The best starting point for a successful entrepreneur
• The one-pager you need to have by your side
•Why product/market fit is the most important stage in a startup’s journey to success

Apr 262015
72: Triumphing challenges on the way to the moon (Feat. Kfir Damari of SpaceIL)

In this episode
• The secret to building a team that can beat every challenge
• How to tell an unforgettable startup story
• How to avoid the common misconception about finding inspiration
• A simple piece of advice you have to follow before becoming an entrepreneur AND MORE

Apr 122015
70: Why Bitcoin is the future of E-commerce (Feat. Amos Meiri, COLU)

In this episode
• Why COLU’s tech has an impact on both consumers and governments
• The most important thing an up and coming entrepreneur needs to have
• Finding a VC that sees your full potential
• The 2 MUST HAVES for getting star players on your team AND MORE

Apr 052015
EP 69: Dany Fishel / Rounds

In this episode
• How Rounds separates itself from its competition
• Why user feedback can open the door for new ways to use your product
• The surprising origin of Rounds’ concept and its evolution
• How to choose the perfect candidate in 2 interviews… AND MORE


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