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Jifiti – Be Gifted

One thing we can take with us from the interview with Yaacov M. Martin is how important it is to be willing to learn from everyone. This man seems to be very aware of his surroundings and feels very comfortable about being influenced by it – be it his strong charactered mother, the unique colleagues and staff in his Jewish school, through his army service, with his team or co-founder in his current company – Jifiti.
Yaacov’s life as an entrepreneur begun as soon as he finished his service in the Israeli army, and each one of the impressive enterprises he built emerged, to his words, out of a personal necessity.

Yaacov at Jifiti USA

Yaacov at Jifiti USA

The Rest Is History

The idea of Jifiti, for example, was born while registering the gifts he and his wife wanted to get from their guests for their wedding. While holding the massive old-fashined barcode scanner, Yaacov started thinking about the inefficiency that existed in this field. Several years later, a friend of Yaacov’s brought up a similar idea during a casual conversation and the rest is history in the writing.

Shaul Weisband / Co-Founder, CMO at Jifiti

Shaul Weisband / Co-Founder, CMO at Jifiti

In this fascinating interview, thanks to his profound observational skills, Yaacov generously shares with us his valuable insights about the way an entrepreneurial journey should be initiated, what kind of atmosphere is appropriate for a startup company, and more.

One of Yaccov’s insights is that “Nothing ever happens by keeping an idea to yourself”. It is necessary to share your ideas so as to get feedbacks on whatever it is you are trying to do, and it’s also a good way to find a like-minded person who is willing to pursue that vision together with you.
Another one of Yaacov’s many insight that he shares in this interview, is that “If you were to equate both fears – the fear of nothing ever getting done, and the fear of someone running away with your idea – the first fear of nothing ever getting done should highly outweigh the second fear”.

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