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BannerPlay – Lets the small to the big boys playground

Rafi Ton / Co-Founder, CEO at BannerPlay

Rafi Ton / Co-Founder, CEO at BannerPlay

Rafi is the CEO and a co-founder at BannerPlay. In his past life Rafi has been an attorney and actually got into the world of entrepreneurship after he handled several rounds of investments for a startup company who later invited Rafi to be responsible for their business development.

After selling his last startup in a multi-million dollar deal, Rafi Ton is going for another ride on the rollercoaster with BannerPlay. BannerPlay offers a user-friendly targeted advertising with analytic capabilities that’s quick and accessible for small businesses as much as for large ones.

Listen to your heart

Yoad Gidron / Co-Founder, CTO at BannerPlay

Yoad Gidron / Co-Founder, CTO at BannerPlay

Rafi shares that so far the darkest hour in his career was in his former startup NewACT, when he had to let go of more than 20 of their employees. This seems to have been even harder for Rafi than the time he halfheartedly turned down a purchase offer from Microsoft putting his faith in the advice he got from his investors.

Rafi goes to sleep and wakes up with BannerPlay on his mind, and finds his inspiration in his wife.

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