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Qlika – The Next Generation of Online Marketing

Ittai Chorev / Co-Founder, VP-Product at Qlika

Omri Morgenshtern is transforming the world of online marketing, as we know it! Together with his two partners, all graduates of the Israeli Army’s top technology unit, they founded Qlika – an automated marketing management platform that aspires to do to online-marketing what Google did to search.

The logic is simple: If you’re willing to spend more on the same house in L.A. than in Michigan, why should marketers spend the same on online-advertising in NY and in Maine? People from different locations, industries and origins have different preferences and buying power, and marketers should be able to make use of that knowledge in an efficient way. Qlika helps big brands manage national, high-level campaigns while allowing the marketers to enjoy the benefits of automatically adapting their content, strategy and price to different locations within the country. This means big money to big companies.

Idan Zalzberg / Co-Founder, VP R&D at Qlika

Idan Zalzberg / Co-Founder, VP R&D at Qlika

“Create a strong network and build your company to be a money-raising machine” he advises entrepreneurs. “Always think about the next milestone, about what you need to show investors to have them put more money in your vision. And then, even if things don’t work out as expected (and they usually don’t) you have the breath to adapt changes and eventually find a way”. With $1.7M raised in equity, seems like Omri’s got a good point.

It’s no child’s game running a start-up, all the more so when your investors, advisors and ultimately – your customers – are all located 12 hours away by plane. “As an Israeli entrepreneur, you’ve got to be able to pay the price of running a start-up, be it being away from your family 6 months a year, or earning $0 for your work, for the 1 in a hundred prospect that your work eventually pays off.  And at the end of the day, it can all rise and fall on whether you’ve created the right infrastructure in your personal life – a supporting family, enough savings to keep you going in tough times, etc”. It’s a tough journey, but definitely an inspiring one.

Just another day in the office at Qlika

Just another day in the office at Qlika

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