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MediSafe – An Application For Life

If you take medication on a daily basis, or close to someone else who does, then you must know the pain of keeping track which pill should be taken and when.
Furthermore, in many cases confusion and non-adherence are the causes of life hazardous incidents.
This week we interviewed Omri Shor, co-founder and CEO at MediSafe – A first-of-its-kind cloud-synced mobile medication management application.

Actually, the idea for MediSafe came out after an unfortunate incident in which Omri’s father suffered hypoglycemia after accidentally taking an overdose of insulin.
Omri Shor and his brother Rotem Shor have decided to to prevent this kind of mistakes from ever happening again. They created an app that reminds people when to take their medication, renew their prescriptions and let caretakers and relatives keep track of their loved ones’ actions from afar, preventing confusion and non-adherence.

The Medisafe application

The Medisafe application

Family Matters

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, Omri’s foundations as an innovator and an entrepreneur are deep and strong.
Throughout his life Omri’s parents kept encouraging him, telling him that he should always keep on trying.
Omri’s journey with MediSafe was tough, getting the recognition about his enterprise’s value took time and required lots of cold phone calls until he finally got to the right persons in the right positions who showed interest in Medisafe. This eventually paid off, and after being incubated for a year in the Israeli Microsoft Accelerator, MediSafe has recently raised 1M$ from investors. MediSafe is currently operating from the city of Haifa in the north of Israel.

Cofounders Omri "Bob" Shor and Rotem Shor, and their father

Co-founders Omri “Bob” Shor, and Rotem Shor, and their father

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