Feb 122014

Mixpanel Logo is data analysis bliss. Taking obvious inspiration from The Lean Startup movement and their notions of validated learning, this brilliant analytic tool brings clarity and form to otherwise oceans of uncharted data.

The systematic segmentation of data that Mixpanel employs, lets you easily answer complex questions based on user actions. Questions like “On which platform does my addword encourage the greatest customer retention rate.“ become easy to answer, understand, share with your company and follow up with new questions.

One very impressive feature was the ability to send push notifications and messages to specific users based on segmentation of the general user pool. Meaning you can isolate a very specific part of your user base and direct marketing messages, queries or happy Hanukkah or Ramadan messages to relevant users. How’s that for special treatment?

It’s important to say that this kind of analysis has been possible before Mixpanel, however it required knowledge of SQL and hours spent coding for each question in mind. The beauty of Mixpanel is that it democratizes it, making in depth analysis accessible to people without coding background, the way Wix emancipated web design.

To conclude, Mixpanel is the natural companion of the lean startup mentality and is beautifully fitted for entrepreneurs who want to better understand and make use of user behavior.

This post was written by: Lev Kerzhner, 28.1.2013

Dec 112013

SiteGroundWeb hosting services play by the same rule as most other services – the better they serve you, the less you notice they’re there.
For those of you having a rough time with your web hosting, or if you were just looking for a decent one, you might want to try SiteGround.com.

We had a small adventure ourselves finding the right web hosting company, and suffering slow connections and downtimes on the way.
It seems that in this field, the size of hosting company does not always indicate a better service, and trustworthy companies as SiteGround can become a valuable asset.

But don’t take it from us, check it for yourself!

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Nov 262013

BoomerangIf you are using Gmail, you might fall in love with this amazing add-on like I did. It’s called “Boomerang” and it gives boomerang superpowers to your mailbox!

Its first feature is called “Send email later” –  as the name implies, you can now set an email to be sent at a desired time.

Boomerang‘s second feature is called “Return to inbox”, which helps you remember to come back to an unread message at a later time.

Before Boomerang you had to mark such emails as “unread”, and hopefully they wouldn’t dissolve in your inbox traffic and you’ll remember to read them later.

With Boomerang, one click on “Return conversation to inbox” and all you have left to do is choose the right time – “return conversation to inbox in two hours” for instance, and you’ll have the same email message returned unread and to the top of your inbox at exactly the right time.

The third great feature gives you a time bound reminder if no one replies to an email. That way you can keep track of pending responses.

In conclusion, using Boomerang really feels like breaking the email laws of physics. After using it for a while I now wonder how I managed without it.

Nov 062013

Trello logoOne of the most important things you need to have when starting a startup company, is tools to run it efficiently.
Of course you can’t find a tool to replace your motivation, your determination and your team members, and yet using the right tools may save a lot of time, and get you results much faster.
Today I wish to talk about one tool we are using at Startup Camel – it’s called Trello, and it’s an amazing tool that any team should have at hand.
Trello is a task management tool – much more organized and user friendly than most of its likes on the market. Trello lets you and your team manage your tasks in an intuitive way that it’s almost fun!
You have cards at your service, you can move them between lists, add due dates, write comments, attach files, and you even have colorful labels that you can use if you’re that kind of person.
One of the best things about Trello is that it’s being optimised and it evolves rapidly and you can see how it’s getting more polished and modular every week.
Trello can be extremely valuable tool for you for getting your startup company running. We use it on a day-to-day basis at Startup Camel, and totally recommend it!

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