EP 48: Guy Boyangu / SiSense

The field of Business Intelligence is all about making data driven decisions. But how do you tell the difference between big data and a big pile of data? In this episode of Startup Camel we are joined by Guy Boyango, Co Founder and Chief Architect of Sisense, “The… READ MORE

EP 42: Oren Levy / Zooz

Some people are simply born to build companies that change the world. But you don’t have to be a ‘lemonade stand kid’ to become a successful entrepreneur. Ask Oren Levy, co-founder and CEO of Zooz, who left behind a remarkable 15 year career of… READ MORE


is data analysis bliss. Taking obvious inspiration from The Lean Startup movement and their notions of validated learning, this brilliant analytic tool brings clarity and form to otherwise oceans of uncharted data. The systematic segmentation of data that Mixpanel...