EP 67: Shaul Olmert / PlayBuzz

In this episode
• How Playbuzz revolutionizes the world of content creation
• What made Playbuzz become SO viral
• Why you must hire people who emotionally connect with what you do
• Better move fast than be perfect… AND MORE

EP 66: Hanan Lavy / Microsoft Ventures

In this episode
• How Microsoft Ventures Accelerator helps turn startups into stars
• What makes Israeli entrepreneurs so innovative
• Choosing a co-founder is like you choosing your life-partner
• The #1 mistake every startup should avoid… AND MORE

EP 65: Ron Gura / Aleph

In this episode
• Choosing co-founders who are BETTER than you
• The secret key to productive team communication
• Growing company culture by empowering flag-carriers
• How to increase the chances of an early investment… AND MORE

EP 63: Raphael Ouzan / BillGuard

In this episode
• The Key to building a killer team
• The Best filter EVER for startup job candidates
• The vision for BillGuard
• Entrepreneurs must read the New York Times…