About Startup Camel

Startup Camel podcast reveals the inside stories behind today’s emerging Israeli startups.
Every week we release an insightful interview with the founder of a rising Israeli startup. You’ll hear each founder’s personal story about their rises and falls, how they team up with their co-founders, where did the funding came from, and also many useful tips for those of us who are taking this journey right now.
So join us every Sunday for a new interview full of inspiration, innovation and fun!

The Team

Idan Hershko
Startup Camel founder, an enthusiastic entrepreneur, a mean guitar player and a self employed Firefighter. Idan is doing all the online marketing, promoting and company hunting and of course, conducting all the interviews.
Eldad Ohana
Startup Camel founder, a mobile and web developer, a genius drummer and a part-time lion tamer. Eldad is our tech guy, adeptly handles the podcast’s tech stuff and our website from behind the scenes.
Oren Knaan
Startup Camel founder, a professional game producer, a badass music composer and a practitioner of black magic. Oren is leading the podcast’s operation and also makes our podcast look and sound swell.
Itamar Zur
Startup Camel founder, an online marketer, a smokin’ basketball player and generally a BIG guy. Itamar conducts interviews, writes content, and makes people hear about us. He’s probably the reason you’re reading this now.
Idan Eldar
Inbound marketing pro, awkwardly tall, and part time exorcist. Idan (Yes, we have 2 of those, what are the odds) is trained in the lethal art of blog keeping and is not afraid to use it on unsuspecting readers. He keeps the Camel’s written words spiffy.
Yael Morowati
Yael is our very own wonder woman and noise maker. Born on the 4th of July, her energy is contagious and she knows how to motivate the masses. She’s a biz developer, start-up obsessor and social octopus. Yael is our growth hacker in the US.


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